On March 31, 2016 a small group of Veterans and supporting community members formed a Board of Directors and approved  the by-laws and the charter filings for a 501c3 charitable non-profit organization. The Veterans Heritage Site Foundation subsequently filed it’s corporate charters with the State of Tennessee and the  IRS on April 2nd.

The Board of Directors is comprised of:

Executive Committe

Marilyn Childress – President

William Frazer – Vice President

Pearl Rich – Secretary

Jessica King – Treasurer

Standing Committee Chairs

Chris Hoosier – History and Verification

Marty Everett – Preservation and Reclamation

Rochelle Cordova – Fundraising

Sharon Roberts – Grant Writing

Patty McGrew – Volunteer Services

Gregg Crawford – Public Affairs and Community Relations

Gail Williamson – Member Services

Member Elected Special Representatives

TBA – Foundation Special Representative

TBA – Veteran Special Representative

Consulting Council

Carol Evans – Legacy Parks Foundation

Steven Dorrough, CPA – VHSF Treasury Over site

Larry Sharp – Veterans Appreciation Program